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Forecasting Question....

We are a construction company. We build stores for a
leading US retail chain. We use JDE's Job Cost and
Purchasing System to control the building of the
stores. We use a non-stock approach to purchasing.
We issue blanket orders to various vendors for bulk
pieces of stores, and then release the items to the
vairous jobs. Our users are requesting a forecasting
tool. Example, we are going to build 500 stores this
year, how many parts will be needed based on the model
of store we are building. We can then negotiate a
blanket price for the anitcipated need. All of the
forecasting modules I have looked at are based on
sales history. We do not process sales orders. Does
anyone know of a forecasting solution that fits this
business model?




The description of your situation fits a mixed Manufacturing and Job Cost
solution. This assumes that you know when construction each store is to
start. That you also have a list of materials for each model of store to be
built. Then you can use the power of the Manufacturing Modules for predict
the materials requirements by period.

I am aware of several companies that have used JDE Job Cost and Manufacturing
to accomplish what you want.


Roy Peters CFPIM


You did not say if you are using World or OneWorld but you might want to look at the JDE/BuildNet
homebuilding system with the takeoff function. Think of a store as just a commercial house.


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