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Hi list,
I have a situation where I had to make a change to an existing home grown JDE table. I wound up deleting 1 column from the existing/old layout, and added a column with a new name and length to the end of the layout. I regenerated the table and index (only 1 primary index) without any problems and checked it back into the server.
My problem is that I cannot access the table anymore using existing UBE's created before the table change. The existing UBE's were fully tested and working before the table change took place. Someone said that I may have to rebuild the SQL-Base out on our AS400 server? [not sure if SQL-Base is correct]

Any help will be greatly appreciated on this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Karen,

This comes from your SQL Package on the AS400. After making changes, you need to delete the OW SQL package in order to be able to access your table.



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