E9.2 Change the Primary Key of a custom table




There are bunch of custom tables having 2nd Item number (LITM) as a primary Key but now client wants to replace 2nd item number with Short Item Number(ITM). I don't think its a good Idea to replace the Primary key with ITM because then I need to check what all places these tables are getting used means all the Inserts, Updates, Selects and Fetches.
There are total 9 custom tables. Some tables have one other column also in the primary key with LITM.
What all things I need to take care if I change the Primary Key apart from all queries (Inserts, Updates, Selects and Fetches) used in any of Reports and applications??

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Is there any specific reason for this request from the client ? Has this any effect on business ?
One way is to mimic the ITM as the key even if it is not the key. You can just check for a duplicate ITM during the database operations ( insert, update, delete and select) and set an alert for the client.
This way you can avoid changing all the primary keys across the nine table and associated reports and applications.


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Anyone that knows anytihng about how JDE does its' work would agree that that was a terrible design initially. That probably plays into why there is a request to change it now. The application, out of the box, supports updates to LITM. That's a clue about how good of a candidate LITM is for a unique primary key.