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Neal Scarr

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I've created an application which contains a find/browse and a header/detail form with a form interconnect between the two. However, if I press the cancel or OK button on the header/detail form, both forms are closed and the program returns to the menu rather than returning to the find/browse form. I have looked at another JDE application (P47130) but I can't see any differences.

Any ideas?


Neal Scarr

B7332 SP13.1 Cache NT4.0 Server SQL 7.0
Hi Neal,

It's really strange.
Could you add some more inforamations like:

1.) Is any of the check-boxes marked on the FORM/Properties/Options sheet of the FindBrowse form? If yes then wich?
2.) Is any of the check-boxes marked on the GRID/Properties/Options sheet of the FindBrowse form? If yes then wich?
3.) Is your form-interconnect Modal or Modeless?
4.) How do you call the Header/Detail form (e.g. Select/Add/Copy, other Form or Row Exit, etc.)?
5.) Where is your Form-Interconnect call (Button Clicked or Post Button Clicked)?
6.) Is there any other logic which could be relevant in your Button Clicked and/or Post Button Clicked events where your interconnect resides?

Please, let us know if your issue have been already resolved. I am wondering how because it is really strange. Thanks.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Hi Zoltan,

I've solved the problem. I had created the Find/Browse form as a Search and Select. DOH !!

Anyhow, thanks for the speedy response.