Clients running reports from web failing - output disabled in INI file

Cathy Wilbur

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We have Web Clients running custom reports on One World ERP and their reports are all failing with the following error:
Mar 28 15:49:55 ** 28311614 **** jdeDebugInit -- output disabled in INI file.

I run the same reports and my report runs successfully on the web.
Does anyone on the listserv know what would cause this to happen. Have never seen this type of error before.

Not sure what would cause this. Our CNC person is on vacation this week. Any ideas how to fix this?

I did a search on the web and it indicated that this is not an error to worry about. But this is the only error that appears in the JDEDebugLog. These people usually run reports with no problems. All I can see is the security for this person was changed back in January of this year but I do not see much else.
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Hi Cathy,

What do you see in the UBE log ? ( not the debug log , just the regular log) .


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Your search indicated correctly. On our Enterprise server all debug logs have that entry (output disabled in INI file) as we have debug logging turned off in the jde.ini file. This is for informational purposes only.

ice_cube210 has the right angle - is there is anything in the jde (UBE) log that reports an error? If the user who submits the report UBE does so from P98305W and has access to the advanced from exit from the version prompting screen (W98305WD), they can set the debug log to be created, for that report run.

Is there any other information that indicates that the custom reports are failing? In the work with submitted jobs application there is a row exit that shows the execution detail, which may provide some information on the apparent failures.