Changing SYM5 in BP Constants After Go-Live


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One of our acquisitions, live on JDE for 6 months now, has item numbers that begin with a hashtag (#). Our B/P Constants for this branch use the # as the Symbol Customer/Supplier (SYM5). This is causing many inquiries to throw Item Number Invalid errors because JDE is looking to the F4104 Cross Reference table to determine what the 2nd item number should be. We have about 80 records falling into this category.

On the surface, the easiest fix would be to change the SYM5 to a different symbol. What risks are there in changing the symbol after go-live?

Another option is to change the item numbers of these 80 items. That involves more work than we are readily willing to take on. I tried adding a record in the Cross Reference file to point the item number to itself, but the Item Number Invalid error popped up.

Any suggestions?