E9.2 Can I change a form in a recorded process?


Hello! I recorded a very simple process that changes category code values in Item Master F4101. I added the Form Request to an Orchestration, the only impute is item number. I receive this error when I run the Orchestration.

"jde__simpleMessage": "F4101_DWO failed: App Stack Exception - Expecting Form: P4101_W4101B Resulting Form: P4101_W4101A_ZJDE0001".

I don't understand how the form could be different when I recorded the process in E1. Back in the service request, I don't see to have permission to change any of the forms. I am brand new learning Orchestrator, if you can't tell!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Yes this is a maddening "feature" of using orchestrator form requests, even manually built ones.

When you record a process and hop from form to form, chances are you recorded it when all of the data you were inputting was good, all the inputs were of the correct format and datatype, and everything went smooth. But when you try to run an orchestration, unless you are METICULOUS with your inputs (using scripts to check and cleanse each input prior to calling the form request, for instance), something will go wrong.

Sometimes when something is wrong, you will get a helpful error telling you what is wrong. Other times like what you're seeing you'll get a "expecting form... resulting form" error.

In my experience this just means that there was an error in processing the form request as recorded or built, or that literally the flow of the program requires the next form to be form B rather than A, although you recorded a process with the next step on form A.

In my limited experience, the only way to find out exactly what is happening is to manually take the input of the orchestration you are running that contains the data, all the way down to form request defaults, versions, etc., and manually duplicate the error to figure out what's wrong.
Here's a good quote from an Oracle Support Ticket:

To troubleshoot, use the same data and user id to go through the steps in E1 web client to see whether the forms are coming up correctly. Then compare that with what is happening in Form service request in Orchestrator Studio. It could be missing maybe a select row in order to move to the next form correctly or a warning appear etc.
Come on Oracle.... How about visually showing us the execution as it is executed inside of a form request.... I know I want it all.
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Sadly, this is kind of such a basic thing to me. Screen scrapers were doing this in the 1980s. The fact of the matter is that Oracle has a released a product that is less than complete and we are the unit testers. There are only so many things that we can do with this great tool. There should be endless examples produced by Oracle that demonstrate real world usage of this is in a very rounded way. Oracle knows we're not groovy people, they are really missing the opportunity for us to leverage this product by not having groovy examples published. Working with the json structures that are naturally produced by ORCH with groovy should be easy to document with examples. Some 3rd party skill should not be so critical to all of this when they marketed it to us as a business analyst tool. I am a little more than a little annoyed with Oracle about of this. I have spent endless hours trying to get up to groovy speed and now I learn that Oracle isn't even going to ship it as part of the ORCH install. Wow. Sorry to vent, but our collective development dollars are what we offer, Oracle needs to use those dollars to provide value to our businesses.