Change SL UserID on Runtime


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Hi guys,

I've a BSSV that call UBE through BSFN. UserId audit Transactions are registered with 'JDE' user (user configurated in Server Manager and proxy authenticator) and we would like the transactions are register with other user that's passed by parameter.

I set SL User in Initialize Section of main section with a API in C BSFN jdeStrncpyTerminate(lpBhvrCom->SysPref.szUserName, lpDS->szUserId, DIM(lpBhvrCom->SysPref.szUserName));
But at some point in some standard bsfn SL User is reset and transactions are recorded for 'JDE' user.

My question is if is possible set SL User for all batch, or there are other way to set user from BSSV.



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Hi aaro,

In debug I checked with this API in my BSFN (older BD3NSETU, it's obsolete in 9.2.1) SL User changed, but in some standard BSFN's this SL User could be reset with other API so SL User it's JDE user default again and in my case I know the BSFN and the API detected in debugger. But I would like how I change the user and couldn't be reset. But very probably it isn't possible. Or if there are others way.



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Have you seen API JDB_InitEnvOvr? (I've been involved in some posts on it here :))

That does just what you are after, but you have to know the new users password and be able to get it