Change order Processing


I would like some information on how other companies process
change orders. We start with a requisition, "OR" doc type,
initiated by an end user which routes for approval
processing then Purchasing uses the P43060 program to
generate the purchase order from the requisition. When we
do the change orders, we have the user add the change to
their requisition so that the approver sees the history of
the order and the requisition is approved. Purchasing
manually adds the change to the purchase order and then has
to close out the requisition. We do this because when you
generate the orders Oneworld creates a new order number, I
have not found a way by using the P43060 program to add the
changes from the requisition to the purchase order, unless
I'm missing something. How do other companies process? If
anyone has any input, I would appreciate it, I can then
bring it up to my Director for review and we could change
process or company policy if we see that there may be a
simplified way to handle this.

Carla Terwilliger
Business Analyst/Purchasing & Materials Management
Orlando Utilities Commission
E-mail: [email protected]