Change in Paper Size - Not Sticking??


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- Inherited UBE - Check
- User asks for more columns - check
- (db) changes the width of the UBE from 8/11 to 8/14 - check
- (db) adds new columns to UBE - check
- (db) runs new report, expecting the report to be 8/14 and have new columns - explicit language extracted / FAIL
- (db) changes the Version(s) to be 8/14 paper size
- (db) runs updated versions, expecting the report to be 8/14 and have new columns - <I won't repeat> / FAIL

Why in the world won't the paper size change on this system? It's like the 'system' is hard-coded to only PDF 8/11 sheets.

If anyone has a fix, you are doing better than me and the support desk at resolving this.

Tools / iSeries

Hi, Dan.

Are you having the trouble running it on your local web dev client or on the server? If the server, I assume you built and deployed the updated object. Sometimes I've had to delete the temporary directory on the server for a changed UBE.
Ours are in folders like ...\E910\DV910\spec\runtimeCache\R* on our batch server.
Another thought. Don't really know if this takes precedence over the version setting but ... in P98616 - Printers Def - you can define Paper sizes, etc. Same program allows defing for a UBE which printer definition to use. May want to check both out.