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CER logs for Brazilian localizations


VIP Member
I am having an issue with my Brazilian localizations in JDE 9.2 (new install), I am getting CER logs in N7001691 for CheckDMAAIforSBLandSBLT and N7003781 for R4304016BrazilLogicServerBRA76B.

In both cases I get the message 'CER ERROR #3026 : Unable to retrieve Business Function Header', which indicates that the business function is missing. I have checked doc 640558.1 and the business header for the two functions does not appear in the F98762 table for Planner or DV920.

I am pretty sure I'm missing an ESU. Does anyone know either the ESU that these are provided in, or the name of the BSFN/NER where they are defined?


Tom Davidson