Capabilities of Charts using Text Block Control


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Hi JDEList,

Recently I came to know that we can generate chart in JDE E1 8.12, TR 8.96.40 using Text Block Controls. This is the one big 'feature' we were missing in JDE 8.12 (as we cannot migrate to newer version).

But before announcing this to end users, I would like to know the capabilities of this method of generating charts (using Data XML, Text Block Control).

I just found the 'one page' documentation on page number 284 of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.96 Development Tools: Form Design Aid Guide

Have anyone tried this before ?


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Not with a text block control. There is an actual chart control that I have played around with (never used in any PD code). I have not played around with it for at least 5+ years, but I remember that it worked pretty well. There are also some pristine applications that use the chart control if I remember correctly. I believe they are some "dashboard" type applications.


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Rauf, I have done this before all the new functionality was released in the 9's. You will need to write out the Javascript and XML, in the event rules, to populate the text control. You will also need to structure the XML data to accept variables. My typical approach was to create a header and detail table(s) that allowed for proper XML structure in the event rules. I would take a look at the graph login in 8.12 and look at how the chart data is rendered. You can build your code based off of the chart examples. The entire approach in the older releases is very ugly, and requires a lot of trial and error. Never the less, once you get it working your end users will love it.


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Brian/ mdalton,

Thank you very much...

I could not see the chart control. I think it is available from TR 8.98, ours is 8.96.40

Yes. I could generate the chart. I wrote everything in BF and it is re-usable, just need to pass the required parameters.
As you said, users started loving it :)

Also, I would like to get complete documentation for this Graph tag. Where from I can get it ? The user might suggest some modification so I need to address it.

The below is my test code which is working perfectly.

0002 VA frm_Descript2000Char = "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <Graph graphName="bar_basic">"
0003 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<O1Title text="Week Ending" visible="true"/>')
0004 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<Y1Title text="Production Cost Variance (USD)" visible="true"/>')
0005 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<LocalRelationalData>')
0006 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<Row columnKey="1-Sept 05" rowKey="Actual Variance" dataValue="1504" />')
0007 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<Row columnKey="8-Sept 05" rowKey="Actual Variance" dataValue="980" />')
0008 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<Row columnKey="15-Sept 05" rowKey="Actual Variance" dataValue="675" />')
0009 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'<Row columnKey="22-Sept 05" rowKey="Actual Variance" dataValue="-784" />')
0010 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],'</LocalRelationalData>')
0011 VA frm_Descript2000Char = concat([VA frm_Descript2000Char],"</Graph>")
0012 Add Segment(FC ChartDemoBar, VA frm_Descript2000Char, <Default,Default,0,Default>, <No>, VA frm_SegmentID_INT04)
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