Can you adjust the "Magins" of a UBE's PDF?


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It's W-2 time, and clients are busy asking for R07855 be tweaked to fit the "Standard" W-2 Form... Alignments stink! Uncle Same, stop changing the blasted form!

I've run into an issue where the State is too far to the right on the pre-printed form - and because it is as far left on the UBE Design tool, I can't push it over anymore. The e-file's Margins are smaller than those allowed in JDE by default.

This, could, be a result of the configuration of the printer also...

Anyway - does anyone know if there is a means to change the Margins of a PDF that is created through a UBE? I haven't found the cheat, yet.


Apart from putting something else into the mix (eg. BI Publisher, Create!Form, etc.) there doesn't seem to be much option. You could try using a custom page size that allows for the item positioning you require, but (and this is a big BUT) you will have to check a number of things, depending on how the PDF is printed. If it is printed using JDE, the effect of the setup of the JDE printer will need to be checked. The setup of the physical printer needs to be taken into consideration. If the PDF is viewed on the computer screen and printed from within Adobe Reader/Acrobat then the print setup for that process will have to be checked. There will most likely be a lot of trial and error.
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Hi Dan,

As Peter says, BI maybe the best shout. I had to the same thing for the print cheque program for our US branch. They had some weird (non british ;)) paper format that wasn't A4
This was then a nightmare to test using standard UDE > PDf printing as my printer here would always spit it out on A4.

The beauty of BI is, once you have the XML data from the UBE output you can mess about and try different things in MS word of all places. this shows you what it will look like without the hassle.
Plus you let MS word dictate the properties of the layout and is more configurable.

Now I'm sure you've seen this in RDA but in File > Print Setup at the bottom there is the option for us to tinker with the width and height. But I still think the margin remains as that's an ini file setting.
You could also try a different font size and maybe tinker with that 'Absolute Position' tick box...?

Please then tell us what that tick box actually does :)

I found this

Question 3: Is there a Way to Control the Margins on a Report Using the Report Design Aid?
The functionality does NOT exist within the REPORT DESIGN AID to change the margins on a report by report basis. It is possible to change the margins on a page using settings available in the JDE.INI. By default, the page margins are set to 1/4 of an inch. However, the user can modify the margin value according to his/her needs. The following values can be added to the INI file under the [UBE] section. Values are in twips (1 inch = 1440 twips). A twip is one-twentieth of a point (printer's point).
UBETOPMARGIN=144 (Default 360 twips (1/4 inch)
UBEBOTTOMMARGIN=144 (Default 360 twips (1/4 inch)
UBELEFTMARGIN=144 (Default 360 twips (1/4 inch)
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