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Can Not Check Out C Business Functions


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Hi List,
We are running OW XE with Service pack 15, AS/400, Windows NT.

When I try or anyone here tries to check out a C business function it gives us a message that we were granted the token but there was a error checking out the object. Has anyone seen this??

Please help me.


Hi Jimmy

Does this happen with all objects? In that case ensure that project status
is 21.

Good Luck


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Re: RE: Can Not Check Out C Business Functions

It only happens with the C Business Function and the project status is 21


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Hi Jimmy,
I would look into:
a - the workstation where the business function is to be checked out;
1 - does it have the MS Visual C++ 6 installed on it?
2 - does it have a FULL JDE package (development object included) installed?
b - OMC, the Activity ruleset 21 to 21;
1 - does it include the Allowed Action 05 (that is CheckOut/Get) for BSFN Object Type?
2 - are there From Location & To Location properly defined (From = DV7333, To = LOCAL)?
c - More details from the Loggin SHOULD be available.
Let us know how is it going.
You're welcome,
PS I definitely recommend our Honourable (JDEList Guru) Jon Steele technical knowledge published on his website:
The White Paper document name is "OW Xe ESU Update Procedures"

Or, you may use this shortcut:
http://www.erpsourcing.com/documents/OneWorld Xe ESU Update Procedures.pdf

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