E9.2 ORCH: Custom NER data structure is not showing up in ORCH studio and Postman


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We are on 9.2 Tools and UN5, 64 bit. We are trying to invoke custom business function in orchestrator studio using F(x) custom. Issue is, while selecting NER, it does not show up data structure. It does show up for JDE standard BSFN and NER. We have tried with jderest/v2/bsfnservice/discover also in postman but same issue. We did full package build and deployment. In PY, it is working perfect, no issue. It is not working on PD.

If anyone can help us to figure this out, that would be great help. We are looking for below answer.

  1. What table does AIS access to pull all data structure information? We could not able to find that information. We are suspecting issue with package build and deployment. All report for package build showed up successful.
  2. Is there any other table or information we should check to verify if there is any issue related this.
Thank you so much.