Business Function Build Error


Hello list. Has anyone ever run into the issue where when you are trying to
build an update or full package on the deployment server (from DEP7333),
you get an error in the buildlog.txt that says " 'OBJECT' : Not checked
into pathcode, excluded from the build. " Then the pdf report states that
the build completed with errors.
Now, this only happens when I try an update package for business functions.
Everything else works fine. It's just the business functions that get an
error. When I try to build a full package, every single business function
gets this error.
Is there anything anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance.

OneWorld XE (co-existant) , SPack 14.2 : Central Objects on AS400 V4R5 :
Dep Svr = WinNT 4 , SPack 6a

Eric Fyorovich
CNC System Administrator
[email protected]

I've had this happen to me but only with custom business function. Just yesterday I was told something about custom .dll and having a seperate library on the AS/400 a C library for custom business functions but I am still looking int this. I can't seem to find anything on the KG but I will keep looking because it is an issue for us with custom BSFN.

I will let you know
We have the same messages you got in the Buildlog.txt and similar messages in the JDE.LOG on the building machine (a client). Those object names will be listed in NotChkdn.txt. And most likely those messages usually show up when we build the full packages for PY and for PD. Because those missing objects are usually under testing in DV and have not yet been promoted to PY and/or PD.

I do not think they are the reasons the package finished as "Build Completed With Errors". There may be something else causing the error. We will still get "Build Completed Successfully" even we get those messages, if there is no other error happened.

Maybe you would like to check the file, BuildError.txt, to see if there is any "Failed" not equal to 0.

If you get any "/FORCE Options" showing up in the Buildlog.txt, the result in PDF may show you "Build Completed With Errors" as well. We usually get rid of that error after we build the package again. The error usually shows up at the odd times and will be gone at even times.

Jeffrey Amerine at JD Edwards asked us to get SP14.x_PCK One-Off to get rid of that problem. It has a new BUSBUILD.EXE dated on 01/10/2001 for clients. We just applied it two days ago so I cannot tell you if it fix our problem or it may be the fix you should get. However, it worths a try.

BTW, The tech support told us there was an known issue on the Operating Systems. If the Client (building machine) is on Windows 2000 and the Server is on Windows NT 4.0, even the PDF showing "Build Completed Successfully", it may not be true. They suggest us avoid that combination. Any other combination works fine.


Tsunghan Tim Hui
[email protected]