BSFN B7601150 doesn't work in a web environment


Good morning!

The BSFN B7601150 feeds F7611B and F4211 tables changing the status after adding the tax lines here in Brazil, the F4211.
When this function is turned on FAT Client works perfectly. But in the web environment is not working.
Has anyone experienced this problem and can help me?

Thank you!
hey there,
We need to have a look at debug logs to find out why it is not working.
The results are quite different between these runs.

Server: The call to SalesOrderNotaFiscalRegular immediately does a GetUDC for 57|01 (obviously custom) and then calls SalesOrderNotaFiscalRegulaCustom. Within that function, the session abruptly ends with no more info.

Client: No GetUDC call and no call to SalesOrderNotaFiscalRegulaCustom, seems to work properly.

Do you have modifications that are not checked in and deployed? Are you aware of the modifications that currently exist?