Break point in Business function at higher level is not hitting



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Hi ,

I am trying to debug a Business function calling from calling at higher level as explained below and facing the issue.

Application -> Report 1 -> Report2 (Business function)

I have a custom application calling Report 1 and Report 1 calling Report2. There are few business functions going into error in Report2 , So I have kept the break point in my business function and started executing Application (So that , This Application will invoke Report2 and its corresponding Business functions will related to Report2)

Debugger is not hitting the break points, this issue is happening for this sort of execution process and Same Business function is hitting the debugger when it is called from other application directly.

I assume this issue is happening because of the increase in level of calling the business function.

Do we need to change the jde.ini or other setting to increase the level of debug?.

Please provide a solution for this issue.


•OCM mapping for done Report 1 and Report2 locally to run it locally (Since they are called from application)
•Report2 Event Rules are hitting the debugger independently but none of the business functions called by report2 are not hitting the debugger.
Have you attached the VC++ debugger to the activconsole process? Has the DLL been built with debugging? There is plenty of documentation on how to do this.
Hi Hari,

I am able to debug all other C Business function , this is special case as explained below (Application -> Report 1 -> Report2 (Business function) ) i am facing the issue .
Are the UBE's asynchronous? Perhaps they are running in a process you are not attached to.
The issue is that your second UBE is triggered on server.
1) Make an OCM to run it locally.
2) Put debugger exactly at point where second UBE is triggered. Manually pass the RI for second UBE.
3) Try making the call to second UBE sync
I think Craig is right - your second UBE is running asynchronous and it is in its own process. You need attach the debugger to the UBE process (I think it is ubeprint.exe).