BI Publisher report won't merge in 9.1.5.x


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I'm putting this here in case anyone else encounters this problem...

We're doing a tools upgrade from 9.1.2 to We've got several BIP documents in production under the old tools, but one of them wasn't rendering at all in the new tools (the other ones were fine). From the WSJ screen, the Report Definition output repository screen is blank, but the Report Definition Job Control search screen will list the job at an E status, with description as "Data Extraction Failure".

Other things you might see, if you run the debug log for the submitted UBE, you might see this message buried in there: Embedded BIP Polling: Unable to update RD job record to WX for Polling.

Right before that message in the log I found this: xmlp_UpdateRepDefJobRecordFromUBE failed

So I did a search on Oracle's site for 'UpdateRepDefJobRecordFromUBE', and came across this bug entered on 3/9/2015:

(NUR = non-update reports)


Hdr: 20355496 N/A H94 9.1 PRODID-4781 PORTID-226 20085438

*** 01/13/15 06:39 pm ***
When you run the OSHA, BLS or Detailed Incident Reports, they end in error.
Believe it might be because of tools release 9.1.5.

Note from tester:
Upon reviewing the jde.log file for the failed reports, I discovered that
each of these reports is defined as a "read-only" report. Apparently, when
they're run in conjunction with a BIP Report Definition, the system is trying
to update the report definition job record on the F9563110 table, which the
system won't allow for a read-only report. See excerpt from jde.log below,
and full copy of jde.log attached to this ticket. Note that if I create a new
report version that isn't tied to a report definition, that version will run
successfully to completion and produce standard JDE PDF output.

jde.log excerpt follows:

3291/-173328688 MAIN_THREAD Tue Jan 13 22:33:29.075866 runbatch.c935
RUNBATCH: Remote CP=1252, Remote OS=1, Local CP=1252, ConvertToASCII=0

3291/-173328688 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Tue Jan 13 22:33:30.561471
JDB9910018 - Read Only Report, Update not executed

3291/-173328688 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Tue Jan 13 22:33:30.562722
JDB_UpdateTable failed for F9563110

What this is saying is that when the report was initially created in OMW, on the initial screen when you're entering the name and system of the UBE, there's a field Update vs non-update report. This is in the table ol910.f9860, SIOMIT. For whatever reason, the developer created it as a non-update report- probably because the report doesn't update statuses or totals. (TBH, I have no idea what this field actually does, and the best thing to to is probably to set it to update and leave it at that. I think I've run into other issues in the past when this was set to 'non-update'.)

In any case, just to a SQL update to that table by setting the SIOMIT to '0', and this problem goes away. Hope this helps.
Thanks for notifying us. Very proactive on your part. BTW, the non-update report status is quite commonly reached when a developer copies a report and the default setting on the copy page is set to "No Update". The idea being that if it is a non-update report, nothing gets 'harmed' by running it over and over again. Many developers find out that even getting a next number is considered an update and so they no longer want a "No Update" report. Ben again.
Thanks, really useful post.
Any idea why I have this issue in my PD9.1 environment and not in the PY9.1. Both are under tool
I think the ol910.f9860 is a system table that serves across environments, so if you're having a merging issue its probably not this.

You're sure its not one of the usual suspect things with BIP? Make sure your template on the P95600 has a start date in the past, and either blank end date or one in the future. Make sure your RD on P95620 is assigned to the right template. If you have a version assigned on the RD, make sure its assigned on the version detail as well. If you take the XML from your PD run, does it merge with the template on a development client?