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BI Publisher Enterprise Edition Licensing


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Do we need to procure additional licensing to use the BI Publisher Enterprise Edition. I am specifically referring to the Interactive BI Publisher for JD Edwards and not the Embedded BI Publisher. We were informed by Oracle that we need licensing for OVR (One View Reporting) which I understand that there is licensing fee for OVR Foundation to start using One View Reports. But do we have any licensing fee for BI Publisher Enterprise too?



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I have this conversation a lot so this info is fresh in my notes.

Here is a link the Oracle will refer you to:


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All JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Products

[My note: "All JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Products" describes you being licensed for at least 1 JDE module and the "Core Tools and Infrastructure" which used to be called the "Technical Foundation" which is required in any JDE E1 deal. Core Tools and Infrastructure is basically the JDE runtime, CNC and Dev Tools. This is not to be confused with the "Technology Foundation" which is also known as the Red Stack. In the past you did not have access to Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise if you did not license Red Stack. This is not the case now. So to be clear if you have not licensed the Technology Foundation you can still use Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise.]

Restricted Use: Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) to publish and/or view:

1) Shipped BI Publisher reports. Layout changes are allowed, AND

2) Shipped or newly created BI Publisher reports that are modified to access data from the existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications schema that has not been customized.

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My take on the above is this, as part of the JDE Technology Foundation you are allowed to use BI Publisher Enterprise against an unmodified JDE schema. What "unmodified" is I have never been able to get a clear judgment from anybody in Oracle. For instance does the act of simply adding a custom index to a table modify the schema. It does from a DB technical standpoint. The interpretation I have seen most commonly from local Oracle representatives is that as long as you are not reporting over custom JDE tables you are clear. I have not been able to get a consistent answer as to whether simply having custom tables in JDE but not reporting on them still makes the schema "modified".

Now just a note on OVR licensing. You need an OVR Foundation license for each user to use One View Reports (that you have licensed). You *also* need OVR Foundation licenses on a per user basis just to use Watchlists. With Watchlists there is nothing to install extra as there is with OVR (no need for BIP Enterprise) but from a licensing perspective you need the OVR Foundation license even if Watchlists is all a particular user will use.

Abhishek Chhajer

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In my opinion, Yes.
1) Embedded BI -- Out of Box
2) Interactive -- Licensed
3) OVR -- Licensed

OVR and Interactive both uses BIP Enterprise.


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I received the same response from Oracle. If you sneeze on a table (custom table, custom index, alter a base jde table, alter a base jde existing index, etc), you need to own the license. Even when i argued that the end user has no possible way to know if a base table has had customizations behind the scenes, they said it doesn't matter. You must buy the license to be legal.

This also goes with the mobile client. I cannot stop someone from going to the app store and downloading the client. I can't stop them from hooking into the BI server. But if they do, I better have a license for the mobile client.

I told them that i could not enforce their policy and prevent these types of things from occuring.

They didn't care. Pay up or don't get caught.