BI Publisher AP Check Print - Check Print on First Page Only

I am creating an RTF template for our AP checks. Our check prints at the bottom of the first page only and if there is remittance overflow it will print continue to print on the next page/s. I need help with getting the check to print only on the first page. I am using subtemplates in the order listed below with the APCkSubTemp being the check portion that I need printed on the first page only. Please give any suggestions as I have been stumped by this one for a few days.


<?end for-each?>


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Change your RTF template page layout so it has a separate layout for the 1st page - this is a setting in MSWord, not a BIP instruction.

Then place the call to APCkStub at the footer of the 1st page section.


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Did you get this to work?- I am working on a very similar requirement - any insights will be appreciated.