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BI Publisher Add in

Hello Everyone!!!

I am on MS Word 2013 Professional. I am trying to download the add in of BI Publisher. I am told by Oracle that they are not compatible. It is my understanding that my previous counterpart did use this combination. I am wanting to use it with JDE 9.0 tools release

Can anyone provide any help???

Thanks in advance.


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here's some help on what to do:

1. Uninstall Office 2013
2. Install Office 2010
3. Install BI Publisher


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I'm a similar configuration to you, on JDE 9.0, TR and using MS Word 2013 Professional. It may not be offically compatible but it works fine. If I remember right, my initial issue was downloading the right add-in. Although my computer is 64-bit, my verison of Office was 32-bit, so I needed the 32-bit add-in.



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Hi Dawn,

We are using MS 2013 (32bit) with BI Desktop version, up and running.
You will need to go to "PATH\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\DotNetInstallFiles" and then install the SETUP.exe to install the menus for the word.
After that, disable, and then enable the template builder to get it up.

Yes.... Do restart the machine at each step.

Secondly, on few machines, just re-installing the BIP Desktop got it working.



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Hi Dawn,

Yes, they say 2013 is not compatible, but it does seem to function okay. If I remember right, I had to install the 32 bit Java version, then the 64 bit Java (in that specific order) to get mine to work.