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I hope this is the right forum for this question, if not maybe the MODS can move it.

We are looking for a BI Solutions provider. For those on the list that use BI, what tools do you use? What company do you use and which provider would you recommend?

We want to schedule some demonstrations soon and am looking for insight.

A Google search is fine, but you guys and gals are the real test. Any guidance is appreciated.
We have used Crystal Reports (now Business Objects from SAP) since 2000. It can report against a wide variety of data sources, but it doesn't know anything about JDE-defined security. It will operate off your database-defined security, so you'd want to invest some time setting up security with your DBA.

We also use the Embedded BI Publisher, but that's really just for publishing documents from within JDE.
We currently use Showcase Strategy from HelpSystems It is not really a BI tool more like a SQL generator and works fine on the iSeries. It does integrate with JDE and does use JDE security. We are looking at Qlikview which seems to have awesome capbilities but cost may be an issue.

We Oracle OBIEE and it works well for us but I am not the primary user or maintainer of the system.
Any feedback on Microstrategy, Preferred Strategies, or Insight Unlimited?
Preferred Strategies is the business partner we use for Crystal Reports. They're very good to work with.
Qlikview may also be an option

Whilst I haven't used Qlikview in anger on a site yet, I have attended several courses on it and it is super powerful if used correctly.
We use HALO/Prism for our BI Solution , easy to use , prebuilt cubes for JDE and alot cheaper than Cognos. TeamCain reps this product in Canada.
We have been using iQ4bis (now called Halo BI) for a number of years and our users love it. This has replaced all of the sales reports coming out of JD Edwards. It's an easy to use tool for our end users. We're planning on upgrading to the latest version and also creating more cubes in that system.