Best practice custom UBE.


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Hello group.
We are upgrading from 9.1 to 9.2 and we have couple custom UBEs e.g R56xxxx.

We brought those successfully to our new environment.
Now question is do you just keep using those in new environments or compare with new original JDE object and add all new changes to it. ?


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It depends. If the UBE is completely custom, then it should be good to run, as long as the underlying database and any other called objects are the same.

If the UBE was a copy of a JDE-supplied UBE, then it may be worthwhile to take a new copy and then reapply and test your customizations.

Either way, be sure to test thoroughly!


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Thanks yes they are copied from JDE supplied object.
I think I should go that route you mentioned.
Other question , I can compare ER but is there a way to compare Template ?
Thanks in advance.


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Yes I looked the RDA compare tool, it only works for me to compare with .par. the object lib compare not working. so download par files and compare.
Also there is no report to print the comparison so I have take screen shots :). But overall pretty cool!
i still thinking don't change to customization as there are no new CRUD operation JDE object and take original copy and redo my work will be time consuming.


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If the customised UBE are brought and they run fine and the results are validated by your business end to end , then no need to do anything and no need to copy from new vanilla and again customise or retrofit . If anything is requested for future , then you can ask business to run the vanilla and see if that does what they want and then may be retrofit then .