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We are currently in CRP phase and looking to use Zebra printers for Barcoded Warehouse labels. Anyone on the list using these and how did you manage to get the print data to the printer.

Hoping it can be done using just OneWorld toolset.

Thanks for any help.

Andrew Stavordale
Xe, Oracle, Win2000/NT, SP 15.1
Hi Andrew,
We are at the same point as yourself. However what we are doing is using a Labeling product called Loftware with the WatchDog add-in. We found that we could format the information we gathered into a text file and pass it to the Loftware server using ExportToFlatFile (B0500025), which in turn passed it onto the zebra printer.
I'm not sure if you can do the same thing with Zebra's BarOne labeling software.

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We are using Loftware to print anything that goes onto labels. Loftware
allows a few different ways for triggering the printing from JDE. We are
using CreateForm to handle printing barcodes on paperwork (WO,BOL,...)

We are also in CRP. I don't know of a way to print bar codes directly from

Ellen Deak
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Elkhart Products Corporation
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We decided to use a 3rd party software to print on forms from a PDF file.
PDFWizard from Enterprise Resolutions Software out of Georgia

Bob Bushley
Haskel International
Burbank, Ca. U.S.A.
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AS400 ver V4R5 DB2
Windows 2000 SR2
Hello Andrew,

Investigate the resident Bar Code fonts supported by Zebra Printers.

These Fonts could be (I have only listed some of them)
* 2 of 5
* 2 of 5 Interleaved
* 3 of 9
* 3 of 9 Interleaved
* 128 UCC/EAN
* Codabar

Download the fonts from a vendor. I think Windows fonts can be gotten free.
I am not sure. For Unix and AS/400 enterprise, you may have to purchase and
apply those fonts to the enterprise.

These are the Steps

1. Investigate needed resident fonts supported by Printer
2. Download Windows supported Fonts
3. Apply the Font on the workstation that you are developing this print
4. Download Enterprise related similar fonts downloaded in step 2
5. Apply Fonts in Step 5 to Enterprise
6. Develop on the workstation that got applied with Fonts. Use the Tool Set
and change the font. Tool Set should show you the font you downloaded.
7. Declare the Printer you are using to print as a Bar code Capable Printer.
Please see the knowledge Garden about this.
8. Deploy the object to the Enterprise. Make sure the while testing the Bar
Code appears when the job runs on the Server and the server directly prints
to the printer.

I may have missed some steps. It was a long time I did this. I am sure this
would give you a Handle

A good Site for Bar Codes fonts is

Re: RE: BarCode Printing

The problem is that the zebra has its own ASCII control language - You can't just print to it like a normal printer, so I don't think your suggestions would work bala.

However, you can go to and downloaded a windows DRIVER for the zebra, which did allow you to print to it from any windows (fat)client that had the driver installed. I think installing the driver also installs some fonts to designate where you want barcodes.

OneWorld's "barcode support" function seems to be for dealing with printers that have built-in barcode fonts but otherwise follow PCL (for example) control. That's not the case with these dedicated label printers.

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Hi Ken,

What other barcoding software have you evaluated before deciding?

Vincent Chai
Database Administrator

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Loftware was a program that our company was already using before JDE. It was necessary for me to try and work with it from within JDE. Thus I never looked at any others.
The biggest drawback to the Loftware software, is that you have to format your labels according to the type of printer that you have. So if you end up printing the same type of label to many different kinds of printers you need to duplicate the format for each one.
Other than that, this works well.

OneWorldXe B7333 SP13
Windows NT, AS400