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JDE List,

I am working with a client on OW B73.3.2, AS400 ES, NT DS, TSE and Citrix.
We are attempting to setup barcoding for Pick List and Consolidate Pick
Slips and we are missing a "piece".

So far we have it working in OneWorld such that we can print out the
appropriate barcode when printing from Acrobat, however, when we attempt to
print directly from OW we just get the Pick # where the barcode should be.

In the Bar Code Support utility we have a PS PCL printer setup as follows:

Printer Name: *ALL (have also tried it with the specific bar code printer)
Printer Definition Language: *JDE PCL
True Type Font Name: BCC393to1Medium
Printer Font Name: (unsure what to put here), have tried several things
with the same results
Symbol Set ID: (unsure what to put here), have tried several things here
too and still same results

I think these last two fields are the two that are "key" to being able to
make this work.

The printer I am now printing to is a HP LaserJet 4050.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

James Wilson
CNC Consultant
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We had the same problem - on Knowledge Garden, search for a document called "How to print bar codes within OneWorld" for a good explanation. Fortunately, we are on base Xe (B73.3 SP13) and our HP printers support PostScript, so we did not need to purchase any additional hardware or software / fonts for the printer.