Automating Transfer Orders after MRP - Help with the Process


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We are looking to implement an automated process for transfer orders for our retail store locations from our Distribution Center. We want to create an automatic transfer order, have the store manager review and approve. Then, the DC can process the order. I think I have most of the answers, but wonder if I could get advice from those who have done it before:

1 - I know you can run the R3411 after MRP. I'd like to add this to the scheduler. any concerns?
2 - The version of P4210 - I'd like to have the order automatically go on hold. Or, is it better to create a status that won't be picked up by the DC?
3 - The store manager should then review, revise and then release.
a - If I use the on hold code, is it difficult to remove? Meaning, can I release the whole order or do I have to do it a line at a time
b - If I use a next status (like 521), is there a way to process the order to the new next status (540) so the DC can pick up the order?
4 - The DC would like to have a single transfer order per shipment. Is there a way to automatically "cancel" the orders from the previous day if they have not reached a given status (been ship confirmed, for example)?

Any one with other advice - I would appreciate it.



Hi Heather!
We use something similar for orders containing hazmat items. Custom hold code is the way we had it accomplished. Release screen is pretty easy to use and releases one order at the time. For pt. 4 (cancellations) we wrote an custom process for specific order types, which cancels them after 30 days past entry date (if orders are not completed). It is a pretty simple process to write. We are on 8.0 (going through an upgrade to 9.2). Thanks. Anita