Appending to two seperate files with two different JTT - getting a mix

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I have a director script pictorial attached.
It has USD transactions..
It has CDN transactions..
It has GiftInKind transactions.

I need to split the file into the separate groupings then create one audit file for all the groupings.
Need to split detail by: CDN < 1000; CDN >= 1000; USD < 1000; USD > 1000; GiftInKind
Have one audit file.

For some reason when I write to my audit file with JTT it mixes audit file records with detail record information.

For some reason when I write to my 5 different Detail JTT groupings it writes the detail record followed by a second blank line. Not sure why.

How do I correct these two issues.

I attached a pictorial of my Director script, my JTT for the record that gets written to the Detail folder, and the JTT that gets written for the audit record folder.

The Detail data has a first column that supplies titles. When I write out the different detail groupings I only want to write out the title once in the detail files for each of the different groupings.

Client wants me to print the receipts for the different groupings and also keep e-copy of printed receipts.


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