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Does business view attached to a section in a UBE caches records??
Let me be more clear.
I have a business view attached to a section in a UBE. Say 10 records are selected through the view. On the second cycle of Do section (i.e when second record is read) I delete record# 5.
I have observed that even though the record# 5 is deleted from the table the record# 5 is still retrieved on the fifth cycle of the Do section.
Does that mean the UBE engine caches the records through the view prior to section execution.
Any inputs/soln.!!

Thanks in advance.


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Which database are you working with... This issue is, somewhat, related to
the db you work with. If the db is smart enough to realize you are reading
the same keys, it will not do a new fetch (it caches). As long as the
records are in memory, there won't be a new table read... the delete takes
place at the db, not necessarily at the cached memory area...

Depending on which db you are using... there are patches to eliminate this
issue. I've seen it fixed in Oracle and DB2 - but it was a patch...

So... I guess the short answer should have been... yes.

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The selection to the Database occurs afer the Initialize Section but
before the Do Section. So, when you delete a record in the Do Section
that is selected, this record will appear, because the Selection was
already done.


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