E9.2 Alt + Number special character not printing [9.2.4]


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Hi there!

We are currently switching from 9.1 to 9.2.4 and doing some internal testing before going live.

Our user are having an issue with some special character : They can't enter any of the ALT + [number] special caracters.

Ex : In Who's who, if they try to input an email adress, with our local keyboard we have to press ALT + 2 to type @. It doesn't work. Nothing happens.

The weird thing to is if I try it in the fast path, it works.

Anyone having this issue? I presume most other country don't have the @ on the alt + 2 key.


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There are a lot of bugs reported for - are you using one of those?
See E1: FDA: Special Characters Using Keyboard With RightAlt key (AltGr) Are Not Working Correctly (Doc ID 1424281.1) and go from there. Or Bug 31186042 : ALTGR COMBINATION NOT WORKING CONSISTENTLY ON P42101 which seems to be the root of it and go to related bugs.

It is fixed with


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Thanks a lot, this seems to be the issue.

I tried to change the option in Jas.ini, but it still doesn't work, so I supose that's the bug.

Thanks again!