Advanced Pricing Performance Issues - Real World Experience Neede



We are about to go live with sales order processing, advanced pricing and
advanced warehousing for 4 of our distributors.

We have heard many concerns expressed about the performance of the advanced
pricing module - but these may be out-of-date.

We are running Xe with Update 3, and have carefully checked our AS/400 ES
capacity and terminal server capacity vs. JDE and IBM recs.

We intend to use about 25,000 discounts in a set of 12 adjustment schedules
- using complex customer price groups. One of these will have 10,000

Has anyone any experience (good or bad) with the performance of this module?
Have you found strategies for organizing the discounts into schedules that
worked well or otherwise?

Thanks for your input.

Don Schoen
Terlato Wine Group


How many adjustments do you have in your adjustment schedules? How many
choices do you have active in your adjustment hierarchies? You want to keep
these numbers as low as possible to enhance performance.

Good Luck,

Steve Erickson


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We recently took the plunge on the infamous "W" environments. We modified the JDE suggested environment and basically mapped everything but the list of "must run locally" BSFN on the Enterprise Server. We did this because of Advanced Pricing. Sales orders saw dramatic improvment. (10s of minutes down to 20-30 seconds.)

AS400 V4R5, XE+XU1+35ESUs, SP16, NT-SQL7 for CO