Using Freight in Advanced Pricing


We have been using Advanced Pricing for a number of years in regard to discounts, commissions, etc, but never for applying freight charges. Can the following requirements be met using advanced pricing?

  • Allow the sales staff to enter the freight cost during sales order entry with a predefined cost, not accrued.
  • Do not pay commission on the freight
  • Include the freight cost along with the product total $ into a single line on the invoice

Order Total = $100,000

Discount = 20%

Sales Order Total = $80,000 (commission paid on this amount)

Freight Cost = $20,000
Total = $100,000 (on the invoice)

The attached pdf contains an example of one of our current order's adjustment schedule. Can we add a new adjustment for freight here so the freight is not included in the commission calculation, and provide a way to set the freight cost on the fly?

I appreciate any advice you can give me on how to set this up.


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Did anyone ever help you with this? I am currently trying to do the same or do we need the Transportation Module for freight?