JD Edwards Advanced pricing - Salary Expectations


Hi all,

I'm new to the forums and been creeping for a bit now. I wanted to know what the expected Salary is for someone working with JDE doing the advanced pricing. I have a few Schedules that pertain to intercompany pricing as well as everyday price and special pricing by contracts. total lines is about 600k because we have a lot of net pricing and order detail is by branch and not company.

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Are you asking what you're worth because you
a) are a Advanced Pricing God and really know how to use/configure the system
b) you're a programming God who has successfully customized Advanced Pricing to meet the needs of your clients

As developers we don't care if you're a)
If you're b) the important factors are years of experience, other skills/abilities, and where you live



I am definitely not b) a programmer and I fall more within the lines of a).

the thing is the company is massive so I'm dealing with pricing from eastern - western side of the country with 4 BU's and over 30k items along with hundreds of Net sheets, flex sheets, special contractor pricing and customers. Once everything is configured there is about 700k lines which customer service will take as the Holy Grail.

thanks for the response Larry!