Additional Amounts for Time Record


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Currently, our time entry is done with a third party system and imported into JDE E1 9.2.

We have a Pay Type (PDBA) used to record Per Diem. It was done that way since it was, at the time, the only way to record the Per Diem on the actual time entry in World. Since moving to E1, we are exploring the possibility of eliminating the Per Diem PDBA and recording in on the Regular Time PDBA (1).

Does anyone know if this is possible. We load the time into the Employee Transactions - Batch (F06116Z1) and use the standard JDE E1 process for Payroll.
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If you're in the USA, check out the IRS rules for Per Diem. Last time I looked, amounts below a certain threshold are tax exempt, but the excess is taxable as regular wages. I vaguely recall that Canadian rules are similar. And combining into a single PDBA could cause difficulty in California to determine an employee's regular rate of pay. And some US states would object to having them combined on a pay stub - California and New York come to mind...
Fortunately, I have only Texas to be concerned about at the state level.
Hi Patrick - at least in Texas, no worries about state income tax :) But I still think you need to track per diem payments separately from regular pay for Federal tax purposes, and for the added clarity it provides in the employees' pay stubs.