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Add SKU item to existing collection



I'm developing a new form with a grid where i paste an excel column full of SKU codes. When I click save this inserts this SKU's on an previously selected collection. My doubt is:

When I insert an SKU like 125.458.256 in the default screen looks for the root element (in this case 125), if is not found inserted does the insert and on until the last element (256). I don't know if I'm explainig appropietly. Any idea will be good. :cool:

Any one knows if there's any standard function to do this job?



I resolved:

I found the Bussiness function BCW08, this insert allmissing SKU references on FCW07. Then do an insert into fcw07 with 'original' SKU.



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I think that BSFN is for Apparel Management and Product Variants and it is creating styles (so like trousers - various leg lengths, waist colours etc)

It does kind of do what you're talking about, in that it rapidly clones items with similar atttributes, but I maybe misunderstanding you