Account Hierarchy from JDE


I am running into a typical scenario of matching a Sales Management system account to the JDE customer hierarchy.I understand that this will require lot of effort and cleaning up but is there a way of querying the account/customer hierarchy from a list of account extracted from F0901.

Our external system has a typical hierarchy of parent account and child account based on locations and group and our aim is to restructure this by aligning it similar to JDE.



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F0150 is an address book hierarchy. Not too sure about accounts? P0909 is the Chart of Account screen, R0909P the report over them


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I typically begin by defining how the Enterprise desires to record and track profitability. Usually most companies want to record profit by division and by product line and this can be accomplished by creating the business unit (F0006) structure that supports this need. Then the chart of accounts (F0901) objects and subsidiary accounts can be created as needed. Once this structure is defined, then the business unit category codes can be used to further define elements so that reporting online via online consolidation (P09218) can be achieved as well as all other reports can be created.
Profitability by customer can be introduced in a number of ways, one way is through advanced cost accounting, (G16). But the most important exercise is to define the entire structure and walk through it 100% to be certain everyone involved approves it and agrees that it solves their needs. And then you can create a proff of concept in "test" environment and verify that it serves the purpose and/or adjust accordingly.