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Thread: IBM i Hardware Only Upgrade from Power 7 to Power 9

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    IBM i Hardware Only Upgrade from Power 7 to Power 9

    We are upgrading from our current IBM i Power 7 to a new IBM i Power 9.

    This will be a hardware only upgrade. Our current OS/400 is compatible with the new hardware. Our plan is to use the same server name and IP address on the new box as the old one.

    A basic outline of our plan is as follows:
    • Change QSTRUP to not bring up JDE
    • GO SAVE: Option 21 backup of Power 7
    • Shut down current Power 7
    • Power up new Power 9 – (use same IP address and name as old Power 7)
    • Restore from backup
    • After system comes up, change QSTRUP to bring up JDE
    • Test

    Are there any gotcha's that might cause JDE to have problems by just doing a backup / restore to new box?

    9/18/19 Followup to above upgrade. This plan worked. We are running on new Power 9 system.
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