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Thread: Auto-populate Grid Column Field

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    Auto-populate Grid Column Field

    Hi All,

    I am new to interactive application development and would like to ask if there is any way to do the following:

    Key in a value in one grid column and the the value auto populates into another grid column after some calculations when he/she press tab to the next column.

    Appreciate if anyone could help/advise or share the code for this.


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    Yes. Check out the Grid Column is Exited event for the trigger column you want to do this

    You have 2 options, Inline or Asynch
    John Danter
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    Hi Johndanter,

    Noted with thanks. Will try them out now.

    Edward Kok

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    Hi ,

    How to check the status of a Grid column , if its enabled or disabled at certain point ? its has been enabled /disabled based on certain condition before in multiple scenarios but how to check the final status of the column ?

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