interactive application

  1. Report Interconnection & Job Status Issue

    Hi All, I am trying to retrieve job status of a UBE after calling it from the report interconnect. I need to perform some process after the UBE has completed successfully. In my case I’m calling R42565 from button clicked event, once this report will generate an invoice number based on that...
  2. Olavo Henrique Dias

    How to enable the Customize Grid option on 9.2 ?

    I've managed to install the E1 9.2 Standalone, but I'm unable to get the Customize Grid option. Where can I turn it on?
  3. Headerless Detail Update to Another Table

    Hi All, I' m currently developing a headerless detail form. Once I have done editing the grid values, I would like to click select and save the grid records to another temporary table. Is there anyway of doing this? I have tried but only able to save the first record. Would appreciate if anyone...
  4. Auto-populate Grid Column Field

    Hi All, I am new to interactive application development and would like to ask if there is any way to do the following: Key in a value in one grid column and the the value auto populates into another grid column after some calculations when he/she press tab to the next column. Appreciate if...
  5. Calling Table Conversion from Interactive Applications

    Hi All, I would like to ask, is it possible to call a table conversion from an interactive application and wait till it's done processing before proceeding with the rest of the code? I notice that this doesn't happen with JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1. It calls the table conversion and proceed with the...