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Thread: JDEDEBUG.log analyzer

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    JDEDEBUG.log analyzer

    Does anyone know of a free jdedebug log analyzer which would show only the relevant information like bsfns and what the input and output is?


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    Re: JDEDEBUG.log analyzer

    From Oracle....."Performance Workbench"
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    Re: JDEDEBUG.log analyzer

    I´m using Patwel´s JDETRACE (

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    This one's a bit simpler in terms of functionality, but does a great job at that task:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfp2011 View Post
    This one's a bit simpler in terms of functionality, but does a great job at that task:
    looks nice, but it's not free and that's what op was asking for

    on-topic: i use JDETRACE as well, highlights most of the important lines
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    I use LobWB by Qbit

    It's brillaint but I'm not sure where you can download this from now

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