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Thread: businessobjects enterprise 11.5 licences

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    businessobjects enterprise 11.5 licences

    We are using the businessobjects (BO) enterprise sever which is deliverd with the JDE E1 application. Standard the BO enterprise server is deliverd with a 3 concurrent user licence. We like to expand this. But Oracle says "we don't sell BO licenses (any more?)" A independent reseler of BO licenses says "we only sells named user licenese for the JDE version of BO enterprise server". The last optionis very expensive.

    Does anybody have experience in this issue?


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    Re: businessobjects enterprise 11.5 licences


    Not direct experience, but some knowledge.
    Yes, Oracle provides the 3 concurrent user version for "free", and they no longer want to push BO/Crystal since its now owned by SAP and Oracle has competing products.

    Its very unlikely you'll be able to buy additional user licenses to a "free" OEM version of Crystal Server.

    Instead you'll need to purchase a Crystal Server or BO Edge Standard server license with the appropriate number of licenses. While not "free", the costs here are not that expensive.

    Perhaps you were looking at the "Enterprise" software which is very expensive.

    If you weren't in the Netherlands I would direct you to talk to Adam Crigger at Preferred Strategies. He probably has the best understanding of Crystal related solutions for JDE users.

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    Re: businessobjects enterprise 11.5 licences


    check out VCD or Moreinfo. You can purchase your licenses there or just contact SAP.

    We bought several differt licences at VCD and Moreinfo.

    looking at your profile, hallo daar!

    we hebben gewoon diverse concurrent users licenties, er wordt niet moeilijk gedaan indien deze aangeschaft worden via VCD.

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