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Thread: Closing and re-opening of Purchase Orders

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    Closing and re-opening of Purchase Orders

    We are using ERP8 and would like to know if there is away of closing purchase orders using a span of dates. Also can an order be re-opened if the need arises.

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    Re: Closing and re-opening of Purchase Orders

    What exactly do you have in mind?
    Normally a line is closed because you (1) received all of it, or (2) you cancelled it. In both cases the program advances the line status to a status that says "done". And generally done means done.
    If on the other hand you are thinking of using another tool (SQL?) to change the line status in some way while saving the old status and then at a later point in time restoring the proper line status so you can re-activate a line, well you are in a territory that I do not play in.
    Your thoughts?
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    Re: Closing and re-opening of Purchase Orders

    You don't need to use SQL to reopen a purchase order. Just create yourself a version of P4310 where the processing options are set to access the status pair. You can reopen an order by changing the status that way. Sometimes an AP clerk will pay a partial on a line item and accidently close the balance or an order can get closed for other reasons where it shouldn't have been.
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    Genius! Thank you!

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