ZenLoad Balancer experiences? (ZenLoad Balancer Configuration)

what seems to be the issue ? I wrote a whitepaper on introducing Zen Load Balancer to JDE customers back in 2008 or so. Just remember to ensure Persistence is set up correctly !
I just setup a Zen load balancing last week in our test environnement and everything look good

Like altquark said, just setup persistence and change the timeout to what you have in your webserver

It's pretty easy to setup
Farm's name = JDE
Load Balance Algorithm: Enable client ip address persistence through memory.
Max number of clients memorized in the farm = 2049
Backend response timeout secs = 10
Max number of simultaneous connections that manage in Virtual IP = 257
Max number of real ip servers = 10
Add X-Forwarded-For header to http requests = Unchecked
Frequency to check resurrected backends = 30
Use FarmGuardian to check Backend Servers = Checked
Check every 10 seconds.
Command to check = check_http -l HOST -p PORT -w 10 -c 15 -t 15 -e HTTP/1
Active logs = Checked


Bruno Condemi
what seems to be the issue ? I wrote a whitepaper on introducing Zen Load Balancer to JDE customers back in 2008 or so. Just remember to ensure Persistence is set up correctly !

Hi we have sometimes the problem that that connection to the load balancer is after a time cutted off. But not repeatable and random. Some have this problem some not.

We first used the TCP profile, but we went than to the HTTP profile.
I use the HTTP Profile
Backend connection timeout secs.
Backend response timeout secs.
Frequency to check resurrected backends secs.

Client request timeout secs.

For the service (your JDE server)
Persistence session.
IP:client adress
Persistence session time to limit.

The rest are the setting by default

We curently 5-10 user on the load balancer and everything look good

Next week we plan to put our user on it, that will be the real test :)
Client is replacing the loadbalancer, but I have others site where this kind of problem doesn't exist.
Hey Crick,

this configuration looks good but after a time inactivity i get the message ,,The session expired. The browser can't be updated. Please login again." When I click ,,OK" i come back to the JDE (Load Balancer) start login site.

Setting higher any of this options doens't fix these error.

I have no clue how to fix this error. With the direct link this error doenst appear.
What is your setting for Persistence session time to limit?

Personaly i put the same time has our JDE web server ,30min
Before it was at 5 min and got the same error has you

And not 100% sure, but the setting Client request timeout secs is is the timeout when your asking a query to JDE and waiting for the response
Like your waiting for a grid to populate or a the result of a BSFN

I put 300sec (5min) in this one
Hi TheCrick,

the persistence setting is client ip address and 28800 seconds.

I changed now the server timeout to 1hr (under the virtual services in ZenLoad) and it looks now better.
I will watch if it happens again and notify you.

after a week with the new server timeout (under the virtual services in ZenLoad) the JDE session timeout dissapeared. :)
Some user reporting some deconnection from the web server

I change the persistence setting like your's (28800)

But Roger, is that this setting to change to 1 hour and solve your problem? (Client request timeout secs.) ??
Hi TheCrick,

i changed also another settings. The server timeout.

I attached a screenshot with the marked option for better explanation.

Some user have like 2-3 session open on my 4 different web server behind the load balancer

I didnt set anything in this field, i change it for 30 minute like my other setting

Hope this will solve my problem...

I had to remove my load balancer from my PROD environnement :(
A lot of user have the session expired message
Those user have like 2-3 session open on different server, so when one session expired, it kill all the session even if the user was working

I need to find the the perfect timeout setting i guess
Hi TheCrick,

the disconnection message are here again displaying.

Im now testing with cookies as persistence session.

There is an interesting link abot JD edwards session

and here the section about cookies in JD edwards.

I configured ZenLoad Balancer so that it use the cookie prefix "JSESSIONID" and as session timeout 3600 sec (both values are also standard values in the standard JD webserver configuration)

It would great when you could also test these options and share with us what are your results.