ZenLoad Balancer experiences? (ZenLoad Balancer Configuration)

Hi TheCrick,

the disconnection message are here again displaying.

Im now testing with cookies as persistence session.

There is an interesting link abot JD edwards session

and here the section about cookies in JD edwards.

I configured ZenLoad Balancer so that it use the cookie prefix "JSESSIONID" and as session timeout 3600 sec (both values are also standard values in the standard JD webserver configuration)

It would great when you could also test these options and share with us what are your results.

Just go your msg, pretty good info you got there

Ill try the cookies session timeout in my test environnement

did you have good result with this??

And thx a lot!

sorry for the late post.

We impletend the load balancer with another software called HAProxy. We did this to have the newest linux distribution system and software.

When you have interest I can share the configuration with you. Its pretty simple a cfg file for haproxy where everything is set up.

It also working with cookies session and we have good results with it.
The issue with HAProxy is that there is no clustering - so HAProxy is the single point of failure. I just set up Zen Load Balancer for a new customer instead of them spending $'000's - and set it up with clustering (which is as easy as installing a second machine and setting up a virtual IP). Getting JDE HTML users loadbalanced took less than half a day (excluding the install of the weblogic servers - which probably took another half a day !). Since its FREE to use (open source community edition) and its so easy to implement, I can't see why everyone doesn't use Zen Loadbalancers !
HAProxy we running with KeepAlived as a cluster. The thing we like on haproxy is to use an updated distribution and 64 bit system instead of ZenLoad Balancer Community Edition.
Yes. Zen Loadbalancer can load balance any TCP/IP Traffic. Its easy to set up to load-balance HTML, AIS and BSSV - Its harder to loadbalance JDENet CallObject traffic. Its a lot harder to loadbalance Batch processes - but it IS possible. Just not easy.