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Hi list...Does anyone please could tell me what XPI means???

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XPI - eXtended Process Integration
XPIe - internal integration
XPIx - internal and external integration

The adapters for XPI are modules of code from the devloper suite built by
JDE and with partners (Siebel, Ariba, etc.) to integrate OneWorld and World.
The XPIx server acts as a hub for the exchange, storage, and translation of
business objects (documents). The architecture is substantial in design (not
read the manual and off you go). EDI, flat files, etc. are converted to XML
for exchange (hub-spoke model). A developer suite is used for the creation
of adapters to existing systems (legacy) for further integration to
mission/strategic applications. Think of the adapters as the "real deal" for
real time integration. The XPIx client uses routers to detail the
conversion of push/pull documents.

The KG has a substantial amount of documentation in the guide/manuals

Very cool stuff for EAI.

Hope this helps.


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Hi gigi,

Do you have a need for it? We have an active project using it and one in the works.


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Re: RE: XPI....

Hi Robby,
we are implementing JDEdwards Italian Competence Center in our offices, and we are installing XPI. We have two problems:
1) Understand how OW activates outbound process. I've understood that Master Business Function do it. But How XML doc is created? And XML doc is the only format OneWorld uses to outbound information?

2) XREF Table. Does XREF Table on Oracle? Within XREF table what kind of information you store? For example item:

OneWorld - Item1 - Canonical Format
Ariba - ItemX - Canonical Format

And so OneWorld ATC agent can translate OneWorld Item in Canonical, Format, Ariba ATC Agent translate from Canonical Format to Ariba Item and so Ariba Adapter can perform operation on that item.
Is it correct this flow? Then at the begin of integration project we hav to determine a format(canonical) for all information (item, address number..) and then load this XREF table with for example all information about OneWorld and about Ariba?

Thanks in advance

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Re: RE: XPI....

Hi Gigi,

1) The outbound activities are done by the XBP's (eXtended Business Process). Take for instance CustomerMasterManageNotify for example. The canonical defines the message. The adapter exposes the MBF's (Master Business Functions) or tables and the XBP defines the specific MBF call order, mappings, and scripted operations necessary to actually create or interpret the canonical.

The adapter creates the XML file.

As far as I know XML is the only format.

2) Yes the XREF tables that need to be loaded in the ATC cross-reference tables are stored in a work table called atc_xref_load and they can be installed on Oracle, SQL, or DB2.

Here is the process that goes on. On OneWorld you make an entry. The entry is sent in native OneWorld format to the OneWorld Adapter. The OW adapter sends the entry in OW native format to the XPIe Broker. The XPIe Broker sends the entry to the ATC Agent in OW native format. The ATC agents does a lookup on the Cross Reference tables and converts the entry to canonical format. The ATC agent then sends the entry in the new format (Ariba Native Format) back to the XPIe Broker. The XPIe Broker sends the entry to the Ariba Adapter in Ariba native format. The Ariba adapter then sends the entry to the Ariba application.

Hope this helps.


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Re: RE: XPI....

Hi Robby,

I don't understand how the adapter create the XML file, and who fill the field in the XML.

Thanks in advance


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Re: RE: XPI....

Hi Robby,
I'm apologize, but I don't understand.
We have configured JDE.INI:









But we have found an ESU to install F90701, F90702.... that substitutes some jde.ini settings. We are testing APS SO Outbound Business Function (event RTSOAPS), and when we test program and confirm the order jdedebug.log on server shows the following error:

Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 JDERT_FindEventInfo called for EventNumber 1
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 JDERT_FindEventInfo failed to find event for EventNumber 1
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 jdeIEO_EventAdd called for EventNumber 1
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 RT0000006 jdeIEO_EventAdd: Unable to find Event by ID=1l
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 jdeIEO_EventAdd API failed and returned error code = 5
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 Entering JDB_FreeBhvr
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 Return value is 2 for APSXPIOutboundIntegration. (BSFNLevel = 1)
Mar 17 11:31:45 ** 1852/1848 KNT0000068 - jdeCallObject failed for APSXPIOutboundIntegration

We ha seen in this Business Function API EventAdd call, but we don't see the call to API Event Init (return Event ID). Who call this API?

Sorry again, and thanks