SP23 Installation Guide....

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Hi list...
Any idea where I can find the SP23 Installation guide. I've already =
downloaded the IntelNT andt the client files, but they have .par =
extension, and I just can=B4t find the documentation for installing =
these .par files :(
Thank's in advanced.
OW XE SP19.1 U5 Win2000 MSSQL 7.x


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You can unzip the .par file with winzip or something like that. Within the the par file is an HTML document called ToolsRelease_readme, this has a link to the documentation. Or you can find it yourself on the Update and Fixes webpage on the Peoplesoft site.

Hope this helps.

DeRay Scholz
Thank's I've just discovered the "Deployment Assistant"

Ricardo Paz
Where did you find the SP23 installation files, as i have searched the update centre and cannot find anything.
Once you have logged in Customer Connection, click on Update and fixes
then Enterprise One+ World update center (login required). On the search
options ( on the right of the screen) fill as follows:

Type: Enterprise One Tools Releases
Realese: Xe, ERP8.0
Platform : Select yours or leave it as All Platforms
Search For: Type SP23* (include the *, otherway you wont get any

And then click search.


Ricardo Paz
Re: RE: SP23 Installation Guide....

Thanks for the search information. Thought 'SP23' would be enough but obviously that was asking too much.