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XML Interoperability and missing dlls


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Hi folks,

My .NET team are prototyping the XMLCallObject way of calling E1 BSFNs vs exposed BSFNs via BSSVs and they are running into some errors.

They are using Dependency Walker and I've given them a copy of my E1 dlls from an initial list. (see attached image.jpg)

Any ideas how they can hook this all up.

Also does anyone know where I can get the TLB files for these XMLCallObjects / XMLInterop to work.

I found this




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That link is the COM solution which is quite different than XML call object and more complex to setup. Are the .NET guys using PInvoke?

Something like this to consume the functions in the DLL...
[DllImport("xmlinterop.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
private static extern System.IntPtr jdeXMLRequest(String host, short port, int timeout, String xml, int length);
[DllImport("xmlinterop.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)]
private static extern void jdeFreeXMLResponse(System.IntPtr req);

Also, the .NET solution should be 32 bit.



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Hi Craig. I was hoping you'd respond.

The .NET team are doing this on their own PCS so I sent them a copy of the dlls we think should help....


The guys can't add the dlls to the .NET project. SO what do they need to do in order to start using them and tap into E1.
Is that what the import does?


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The DLLs just need to be in the path. Yes, the import makes them available to be called from the .NET program.

Looks like nkeubelbeck posted good examples.