BI Publisher Data Driven Email and Data Driven Printing

Dawn Walczak

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We are using BI Publisher add in to MS Word (Oracle BI Publisher Desktop I have created a RTF template for statements for our company's needs
We have customized the standard EnterpriseOne R03B5001 Statement Print also to fit our business needs. There is an RD object attached to the version to email the statements to the customers. We also have another version for printing statement. We have a burst field identified and bring in the customers email address into the report/XML and identify that in the RD object under Data Driven Recipient by the XML tag. This XML field brings the email address in from the electronic address table in the report.

My question:
I understand it is possible to both email and print in the same version of the report. I do not have a clear understanding of how that is done though.
Can someone better explain it. I read and listened to the Oracle tutorial but it does not explain where it is retreiving the email address from and how.

From one version, is it possible to select:
print only
email only
print and email

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
It is possible to both email and print output of a report version.
For Email - I would suggest you to use the address book number in the XML delivery tag (assuming that the address book number has an email id configured). There is standard logic to pull the email id. (jdeResolveRecipient())
Select the Data driven email option and use the same XML delivery tag, used for bursting, in the data driven recipient field

For printing - The AB number in the delivery tag should have a default printer assigned. The Bursting and Delivery form of the RD should have the Printer option selected.

Create different RD's for
print only
email only
print and email
- Using the same version. I hope this helps.
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Does this limit it to emailing to only one address book number? Some of our customers have several so we created 3 variables that retrieve up to 3 AB#'s.

Also, for printing, we are not actually sending to a printer but submitting the PDF file to a 3rd party vendor thru a FTP process.

Last question, you have said to create different RD's for:
print only
email only
print and email.
Using the same version.
I was under the impression only one RD can be attached to the version.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Depends on the business requirement you can send the pdf attachment directly in the mail along with body of the letter and subject also.
If you are able to get customer address number from data driven....then no need to include customers in the mailing list.
One RD Object contains one version only.