XML Interop - Port Range?


I need some help!

We have a very locked down server that we are using to make calls to our JDE server (using XML Interop through a .NET App) for some business functions. We specify a port in our JDE call (6014), but it looks like the process is using a range of ports in the 3800's as well (I've seen 3810, 3821, 3870, and 3925)? Does anyone know what this range of additional ports is, or where it is configured?

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XML Interop goes through the JDENet kernel(s). 6014 is your JDE master listener. The other ports are additional JDENET kernel processes. The ports will be random unless you set [JDENET] enablePredefinedPorts=1 in your server's JDE.INI. I always set this to 1 not only for firewall needs but also so that traffic is going across a defined set of ports which allows debugging with network tracing tools.

See this link for a discussion of various E1 port ranges: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24902_01/doc.91/e54939/app_default_ports.htm

It says:
If enablePredefinedPorts is 1 then the next port is serverNameListen+1 until maxNetProcesses is reached
If enablePredefinedPorts is 0 then the next port whatever the OS allocates

So if you had 6014 as your based port and maxNetProcesses=5 defined you would have a range of 6014-6018 when predefined ports are enabled.