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Hi List,

I've been waiting for this update for a while and didn't even know it was
released. If I hadn't of been on this list then I wouldn't have known. You
would think they would have it as an announcement on the Knowledge Garden.
We're implementing Canadian Payroll and there have been a lot of problems
and I hope this update fixes most of them.

Are there any known issues with the update? Is there anyone out there that
is implementing Canadian Payroll and did you install the update yet? If so,
have you had any problems? Any information regarding Xe Update 1 would be

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Xe SP14

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Ummm ... actually this has been on the main Knowledge Garden page for over a month - it says "Announcing XE Update 1"

Be sure to load and run the pre-requisite ESUs called out in the Update documentation.

There is also a service pack specific update that MUST be installed first - before the Update - something like SP14X_OMW for you.


Larry Jones
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Trust me Larry, I've known about this update because we had a list of about
200 SARs reported to get all the payroll to work properly but I just didn't
see any news about the general availability! Several ESU's only had 1 SAR
included and that made for a long fixing phase. Really they should have had
an announcement about the RELEASE!!

I've been to the KG and I searched for the B733P14x_OMW for SP14.x. The
related SAR is 4962670. I couldn't find it. There were other SARs that
showed up in the results list. Has this SAR been preceeded by another SAR?
Any help would be appreciated.

Intel NT, SQL 7.0
Xe SP14

Kevin Gray
Technical Services Analyst
Information Technology
IMP Group International Inc.
Halifax, NS Canada
Voice: (902) 493-2481
Fax: (902) 453-6931
Email: [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
Do the prereq's need to be applied if SP15 is in ....

I noticed on the letter, it has prereq's for SP14.x but not 15??


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Allen Hobson
Just as a word of warning. I installed SP14.2 a couple of weeks ago (had to
for a fix for security issue). I installed all of the one-offs, and the
other post-ESU's that were mentioned. The problem was that it still created
some AP issues. We had to apply multiple ESU's to resolve the issues that
were caused by the SP install. I don't know whether JDE will have resolved
the AP issues caused by the SP14.2 install, but just be sure to test, test,
and test some more. We tested as much as possible on the technical side, but
two days later found out we couldn't cut a check because of the AP issue.
Often the problems that arise are not overt, but take a couple days of
applications people using the system to make the issues show up. Good luck
to anyone installing the Update 1.


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Re: RE: Xe Update 1

4962670 is a Software Update Number not a SAR! You should be able to access it from the Product\Software Update - from the main KG menu. Just type in 4962670 to the box and it will allow you to download the fix.

It is a bit confusing all these different numbers.

As far as I am aware this OMW fix is included in SP15 - the spreadsheet includes a revference to SAR 04853748 OMW and Licensing.

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RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Thanks Carl! Must be just habit for me to do searches in the SAR area.

Kevin Gray
Technical Services Analyst
Information Technology
IMP Group International Inc.
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Fax: (902) 453-6931
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RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Oh man, don't get me started about service packs/ESU's. I think the primary
reason for JDE staying as a 'second tier' ERP vendor is the QA/code
management. If they could just get a handle on their code, I think JDE would
be the no.1 vendor out there. Don't get me wrong, I love JDE and have
enjoyed working with it, but I can site tooooo many times where application
of a SP or ESU has broken many more things than which it was applied for.
This last service pack (14.2) basically took two weeks after its initial
install to fix the issues that were raised because of its application. Not
only does this make anyone hesitant to install a SP or ESU, but it really
gives a bad impression upon the users. That which I can shrug off as 'just
jde, expect it' doesn't fly well with our users. We tell them that we are
installing a SP over the weekend to fix something, and then on Monday they
cannot cut checks anymore...and it doesn't happen just once, but again and
again...A customer should not have to 'limp' along because of poorly
maintained code...
Just my .02 worth..and I am sure I opened a pandora's box..


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RE: RE: Xe Update 1


Just out of curiosity, why would you install either a SP or an ESU untested
into your production environment?

Bill Williams
RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Whatdaya expect for 3-million dollars! You get what you pay for. If you
want a Class A system, quit whining and fork over some real money <g>

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Re: RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Now, that's a GOOD (if not brave) question!

Adrian Chimirel
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RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Bill, service packs are system level fixes. SP's update system level code
which the customer does not have access. If you apply a service pack, you
are essentially applying it to all environments. Therefore testing must be
done thoroughly and immediately. However, ESU's contain source code and
should be applied to a development and/or testing environment prior to
promoting the object(s) to production. Search the knowledge garden for
"Service Packs" if you need more clarification. Hope this helps!

Robert Hurdelbrink

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RE: RE: Xe Update 1

I appear to be the oddball in that I believe JDE should follow a model such
as IBM. That is, release cumulative updates---Include ALL fixes in ALL
modules through a given date.

I think it's a tremendous waste of time for customers to have to wade
through JDE's muck of SAR/ESU issues looking for that magic call # that
pertains to your situation. You have a thousand customers doing searches,
spending untold hours implementing fixes for their specific problems. What
you end up with is 1000 customers, each with different versions of the
software. What a mess.

As an example, there's a fix for a problem in R03010Z (customer upload)
whereas it generates "duplicate address book #" messages by mistake. There's
been a fix for it since late 1999, but I refuse to waste a half day
downloading one lousy SAR, assemble/build/deploy 4011 packages for the
various environments. Would it not be beneficial for me, the customer, to
place that object in a cumulative update?

They could still offer individual ESU's for hot issues. A KG search would
reveal something like, "fixed in cum PTF nnn, release date: nn/nn/nnnn. If
you require it now, download ESU nnn." If I stay current with the cums, then
I'm assured that all the fixes will be there.

Another benefit to this approach is that if your entire system is as cum
level xxx.xx, then you know exactly where you're at in ALL modules.


Wynn Osborne
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Re: RE: RE: Xe Update 1

Hi Wynn (and all),

I agree with your statement "... then you know exactly where you're at in ALL modules."

Unfortunately knowing that you're hip deep in quicksand (as per John's statements re code quality earlier in this thread) isn't the situation I want to be in :)

I assume the IBM model you're referring to was for their OS products. Such products MUST be high quality for obvious reasons. Also they're not usually given to modification by customers.

I think JDE is doing a commendable job of trying to get a handle on this mess. They created a very ambitious architecture with a goal of providing transparent updates to customized and non-customized objects. Unfortunately they haven't reached that goal yet - but at least we see progress, right?

Larry Jones
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My data dictionary merge report (R98200P) says
"DD Merge process terminated: Check Error Log"

"Error Log"
"Empty change Tables"

Did anybody out there had the same problem ? wht was the solution ?

Thanx for the help.

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